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A company with 20+ years in development services and 12+ years in dataviz, we understand users' desires and needs for digesting information.

ZingChart was founded and is led by Thomas Powell, a noted JavaScript author and Web development professional. Initially incubated by San Diego's oldest web consultancy (PINT.com), it is today an independent California corporation based in San Diego, with the bulk of our employees and primary operations in San Diego.

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We have been delivering data-visualization solutions for over twelve years; so when it comes to data visualization, we are experts. ZingGrid began as another interactive feature for data visualization. Over time, we realized charts and grids are supplemental to one another. We wanted to build a vanilla solution that was modern, fast, and integrated easily within emerging frameworks.

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With our development of ZingChart and ZingGrid, we realized that the best way for us to create and store our charts and grids were in our own Zing Sandbox. If you've ever used CodePen or CodeSandbox, then you'll know how to use our Studio! Make, save, and share your charts and grids, no local environment required!

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Open Source Software

Our products are built for the modern web, which has increasingly involved handheld, mobile devices. To aid in the tactile interaction between our products, we created ZingTouch: A JavaScript gesture-detection library for the modern web. This standalone library allows you to tap into native device gestures and integrate your own solutions.

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Our Team

We are a creative and diverse team with members in San Diego, San Francisco, Iasi, and Hyderabad. The bulk of our programming and architecture team is comprised of graduates from the Computer Science and Engineering Department at University of California, San Diego, where Thomas Powell is also a faculty member. We value strong, software-engineering processes and native web APIs, and are always looking out for like-minded developers. If you are interested, inquire at .

Investor Info

ZingSoft (formerly ZingChart, Inc.) was incubated by PINT, Inc. (PINT.com), San Diego's oldest operating web consultancy. We are open to conversations with technology-focused investors, organizations, and customers looking to help bring some of our internal products to market. If you are interested in having a conversation, drop us a line at .

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